The undercut of the men

Undercutting is still a popular style, especially for guys with longer hair. Updates for this year include a high fade, a shaved line and the styling of hair in large-volume pomp of various smooth styles. All these cool looks make men of medium to long hair easy to wear and keep clean.

Take a look at these pictures for 7 different styles to wear the undercut.

, 1 high skin thread + surgical neck

The undercut of the men undercut

Lieanne Buckley

This classic undercut pomp gets a fresh update with a fast skin bleaching on the head interrupted by a surgical line on one side

, 2 Undercut Pomp

The undercut of the men undercut

Andrew makes hair

To get this cool style, you need two things: longer hair and a hair dryer. A heat rush gives this pomp a lot of volume and a curved bend. In combination with the product, the use of a hair dryer offers additional support. Try out ADH dry for the texture without touching the hair that you can guide with your fingers.

, 3 Undercut + Slick Back

The undercut of the men undercut

Barber Hairdresser

The Undercut Pomp is a classic style with a modern twist. This version combs the hair on the diagonal for a fresh version of the side part’s hairstyle

, 4 undercut + wavy hair

The undercut of the men undercut

The nomad hairdresser

The undercut is a good option for all structured hair types from wavy to curly hair. With the shaved sides, waves look good, loosely worn and untidy or with some product for the handle.

, 5 undercut + long hair + beard

The undercut of the men undercut

Virogas barber

This classic look pulls back long hair and adds a neat full beard. A touch of rejuvenation at the top fades a soft transition between hair and skin

, 6 The Josh Mario John Undercut + Long Hair

The undercut of the men undercut


One of the most popular undercuts for men is the model Josh Mario John. Long hair looks good too, is loosely worn or pushed aside

, 7 undercut + man Bun

The undercut of the men undercut


Long hair with an undercut looks great in a samurai man’s bun for special occasions, a la Jared Leto or just tying the hair back.

The undercut of the men undercut

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