Movember tips worth mentioning

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning

For those who are unfamiliar with Movember, it’s the month when a lot of people decide to grow that fabulous mustache possible. This stroke may seem very strange to some people, but some guys grow mustache and win sponsors with the proceeds going towards the men’s health research.

More than $ 650 million has been raised to fight testicular prostate cancer since 2003 . Regardless of your reasons for participating in the Movember Movement, here are some tips for keeping your style.

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning   Keep it trimmed

Length and volume are not always your friends with a mustache. You’re going to have to work out your mustache or groom to be it the way you want it.

Know your hair growth

It’s just a fact that some guys can grow facial hair faster than others. This means it is important not to set your goals to reach high in the month. Some mustaches are going to take much longer to get where you finally want them to be.

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning   It works

The point-of-Movember is about having fun and having money at the same time. Gaining donations will be easier if you check the post-updates and information on social media and Mo page. Being fun and entertaining can get people excited about your cause and awareness, as well as means. Just be sure to keep each message sent a little bit different, pay attention and attract more and more donors.

Follow through

If you are not used to growing out facial hair, then you may experience a bit of itching or other feelings that will go away as you gain length. Avoid the urge to scratch too much, if at all possible, and realize that it can and will get through you.


Always used to be a mustache, more careful means one aware of what may be on your face. Drinking and eating is to demand more time napkin if you want to avoid social awkwardness. After having a mustache for a short time, you might find your etiquette has improved. Wash your mustache with a high quality soap that does not clog your pores.

Invest in combs

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning

New hair means you should have some styling tools to arsenal your bathroom. A comb made for mustaches and beards is a style essential. If you want maybe two, you can keep up with you when you’re at work or at school. A good comb makes keeping dirt much easier.

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning   Have fun & become open to change

Your mustache is going through a lot of changes over the month. You can decide to change your style a little in the middle of the month, and that’s OK! In fact, go a little wild, can help promote donations. Fun and interacting with others during the sensitization process is what Movember is all about. With the tips above, you can be sure to get a better Movember!

Movember tips worth mentioning worth movember mentioning

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