Haircuts for balding men

Haircuts for balding men is not an oxymoron. There are some cuts and styles that flatter to bald heads.

Male pattern baldness follows a predictable pattern. The first hair becomes thinner at the temples and forms a neglected hairline. These haircuts are for the next phase of hair loss, when the hair also thins on the crown of the head, creating a bald spot.

The best known haircut for bald spots is the crest. It may be effective for the early stages of hair loss at the vertex. A similar option is short-medium-length hair with a slightly messy styling that disguises a thinning crown and a receding hairline. As the hair loss becomes more pronounced, these medium-length styles may draw negative attention to the bald head. Then it’s time for a shorter cut.

Going very short may actually be a better option as thinning hair becomes more apparent. Buzz cut styles with fades are one of the best hairstyles for men with hair loss. The short style minimizes the difference between thinner and thicker hair. A low, medium or high light on the skin makes hair appear fuller at the top. This style of cut can be worn with a short Caesar Style pony.

When the hair gets thinner, do not just grab the hair trimmers and cut the hair in a buzz cut. Experienced hairdressers can make hair look fuller until it’s time to get bald. Look at these haircuts for balding men.

, 1 short hairstyles for thinning hair

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

Martin John

As mentioned earlier, the Buzz Fade is a haircut that works for many phases of baldness. Here the temples retract further and the skin becomes visible at the vertex. This expert cut gives the crown and the hairline a certain length, which harmonizes with the short haircut. The skin fades on the sides and the back is the reverse of the force donut.

, 2 Short Buzz + High Skin Fade

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

The Hiding Barbershop

High-fade haircuts rejuvenate hair just below the temples, either on a very short length or on the skin as above. Short hair focuses attention on the hair at the top. This ultra-short cut compensates for this attention and minimizes the difference between full-hair and a bleaching stain.

, 3 Short prickly hair + little fade

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

Jeremy Wexler Hair

Another way to wear the Buzz Cut Fade is a touch of spiky texture that minimizes the appearance of a bald spot on the crown

, 4 Short Caesar Haircut

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

Julian Payne

A very short version of Caesar Pony, this cut also shows a rejuvenation of the sideburns and a neat short beard. It’s just about the details.

, 5 Structured harvest

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

Rob Loxam

This textured haircut is one of the trendiest men’s hair cuts this year. It works for all different hair types. With thin and thinning hair, the texture of the hair enhances the appearance of the hair and may become more opaque

, 6 crest + low fade

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding


Comb Blending is an easy-to-style and attractive hairstyle for men. It is effective in covering hair loss almost in Type V in Norwood’s classification of hair loss.

Haircuts for balding men haircuts balding

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