Beard hotbed of bacteria

Happy with your new BART (because beards – it seems – are in fashion), then we have bad news for you. We hope you do not curb pleasure J But first read a little further before you handle the razor.

Beard hotbed of bacteria hotbed beard bacteria

Let us directly with the bat. The BART, as revealed by a recent study by the Department of Biology at Aston University in England is a hotbed of bacteria, but the 20,000-to-be exact. This result follows from a study of the said university, the hygiene of op-mouth masks.

The scientists wanted to see if the op caps, the bacteria that locked the surgeon’s face and or baarddragers more bacteria were present. The researcher told the Daily Mail that showed that the number of bacteria on the face of baarddragers is significantly greater than that of onbebaarde men and women. As I said, the 20,000 in number. (Not clear how much bacteria there is usually in men without beards or women on the face to the deep, but that aside).

The conclusions of the experts conclude on this result, however, is different. Carol Walker of the Birmingham Tricology Center – as you told the Daily Mail – this result is alarming. According to her, bearded men could get faster skin infections and would transfer bacteria that nest in the BART, such as staphylococcus for colds, to the others easier. Also, a lot of men who touch your BART many times (everyone knows the gesture of being thoughtless about the BART, iron) so that the bacteria can be brought to the mouth.

Hugh Pennington, emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, takes the less severe. According to him, the BART has no special health risks. The bacteria are the same as those of the skin.

Walker, however, explains that the hairs of the BART often have a tendency to curl up, leaving dirt easily adhered to. Some people would have suffered skin as a result of the accumulated bacteria in the BART. And for colds with a runny nose, the neusvocht could easily get into the state, and the bacteria in turn can easily be transferred to others …

The discussion about the possible risks of beards is still open and there are more specific requests (over which significantly more amount of bacteria on the bearded male’s face is not twisted). Pull in the meantime to draw your own conclusions.

We are curious how you think. The ladies are also welcome to participate in the discussion.

Beard hotbed of bacteria hotbed beard bacteria

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