Barber Andy FadeMaster

Andy’s work is as sharp and clean as it gets. First-class, prickly barber talent.

Check out his before and after embedded videos to see him in action and create new styles. In the meantime, check out our interview with Andy and some photos of his latest work.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

1) How did you get to the barber?

It all started when I found a beard trimmer under my sink. I developed a curiosity about how hard the barbering was and decided to give it a try. I started with the simpler shape and ended up with a hair clipper to give full haircuts. After several years of practicing, I received my first pair of professional clipper gifts. With these haircutters, my old hairdressers and the desire to be one of the best hairdressers out there, I set off.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

2) What do you like most about Barbier?

What? I like barbering the most is the ability I have to create; create hairstyles, create looks, create visors and make people more confident.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

3) What is unique in your barbershop?

We produce a high-quality first-class care experience for everyday life (19659004) Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

4) What changes have you seen in the barber over the years?

I remember the barber when I started, no big Clipper brands had a 0 or 1/2 guard, just a company called Speed-O-Guide, and it was a 000. Barbering also came from shortcuts to more style changes and it is amazing.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

5) Where do you get inspiration from?

I get inspired by other talented stylists and hairdressers. Now every day I find inspiration where I’m looking, Facebook, You Tube, etc.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

6) How do you help customers find their best looks?

First, I look at the customers and notice what kind of hair they have and what options they have for this type of hair. Then I look at her facial structure and try to figure out what suits her head best.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

7) What can the boys do at home to make it fresh from the barber style? [19659007] There’s really no way to make this barber feel fresh, but you can use your beard and hairline with a beard trimmer (like the one under my sink), electric or classic razor, and some fresh pomade to keep your beard styling You can book your hair with your hairdresser

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

8) What are the top hair trends for men this year?

The top hair trends are combovers, pompadours, hard part, structured chaotic tops, undercuts, skin fades, low fades and high top fades.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

About Dapper Barbershop:

Dapper Barbershop is not your average hair salon. We are a bold fusion of classic and modern barber with a twist. Dapper offers a professional Mens Grooming Service in a lively, energetic and professional atmosphere.

Barber Andy FadeMaster fademaster barber

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