5 fresh men middle hairstyles

Instead of cutting short hair for the summer, have fun with longer styles. Medium long hair for men looks good and beats the heat. Even better, hairstyles of this length can be worn in many different ways, from clean cut to chaotic and from vintage to modern.

As always, the key is a combination of styling and finding the right product for your hair type. To get more grip, there is nothing better than a quick hair dryer. The heat trains increase the volume and strengthen the hair. All of these styles feature Matte Hold products that retain their power in summer heat and humidity.

Check out these images of men’s hairstyles for 5 fresh looks for the summer.

, 1 One Cut – Two Styles

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

Braid barbers

Medium hair is an incredibly versatile length, especially with the right haircut. These completely different styles start with the same hair. To get the crop on the left side, try some salt spray for the definition and a matte paste for the texture.

The high pomp of proper work hides all layers by stroking the hair up and down and only the longest makes hair visible. The whole volume needs some blow drying to finish with your favorite pomade and, if desired, hair spray.

, 2 mat combo

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

Talitha AME Maddison

All these retro slick styles are still trendy, but in more modern formats. This version of the Combover offers a loose shaft, height at the part and a natural finish.

, 3 middle hair + taper fade

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

Jelle Vissers

The easiest way to wear medium-thick hair is to have this long, smooth back with undercut sides. Work the product through almost dry hair and comb it back. The strongly rejuvenated sides make up the rest. The hair is off the face and looks good all day long

, 4 Messy Volume

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

Sam Wines

Another cool way to wear slick styles is with lots of Tousle and texture. Use the same product you would use for a dull pomp, but style your hair with your fingers instead. These messy looks can be even better with the hair of the second day, so try rolling out of bed, late for brunch. Nobody will ever know that you overslept.

, 5 medium curls + undercut

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

Josh Connolly

Medium curly hair can be just the right length to balance the texture and maintain control. A high undercut means that this curly cut with or without styling looks great. To maintain this look, strengthen the curls with the diffuser attachment on the hair dryer and work through the dry hair with a loose product.

5 fresh men middle hairstyles middle hairstyles fresh

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