4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles

Admit it was easy to dismiss Harry Styles: just another boy-band clone that was famed for fifteen minutes and heading to the same junkyard as any other X Factor candidate. The next thing you know is that one in five of what is arguably the biggest band in the world has turned him into a solo artist who has won the awards, including a BRIT Award, a Rolling Stone Cover, a Gucci campaign and a revolving one Selection of hot women on his arm. And that’s before we come in his glorious hairline. How the hell did that happen?

In 2010, Harry, a 16-year-old man from Cheshire, joined the microphone to sing Stevie Wonder’s “Is not She Lovely.” X Factor Panel. He has failed to lighten the category of soloists, so Judge Nicole Scherzinger, together with four other strangers – Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn – has been included in the category of groups. One Direction was born and they finished third. Not that it matters. 1D were ridiculously successful overnight and made millionaires of the quintet before they could even buy a beer.

Out of the five, Harry Styles stood out as the one to watch: with the star quality of a young Mick Jagger and the originality that British rock stars are famous the world over. He has a joke, he has charm. And of course he has very good hair.

Top stylists Tyler Johnston and Oliver J Woods are helping us tell a short history of Harry Styles best hairstyles (try a few drinks) while keeping track of how to reproduce each look

The Harry Styles Wavy Mop

4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles styles harry

From the casting days preferred Styles a heavy mop with exaggerated side sweep. Sometimes wavy, sometimes curly, it worked like a catnip on his fans and helped him consolidate his status as twins. It also attracted Caroline Flack, Xtra Factor presenter, 14 years older. It looked like he was stamping his weight … until he switched to Taylor Swift.

Stylistically, he was in boy-boy mode and mingled with his bandmates in high-street jeans, Abercrombie t-shirts and pointless little scarves. So the real question is, can a grown man pull that cut without looking like a tit? Yes, the short answer is, it works well if you have natural waves that need to be controlled, but do not want to go super short. Just reduce the sweep to avoid the side wind tunnel look.

The Harry Styles Bouffant Quiff

4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles styles harry

At this point, you feel that Harry is trying to find his own style outside of the group. He begins collecting tattoos and raising a (hairless) breast by unbuttoning his shirts and rocking a crucifix. The jeans are thinner, the suits too, and he prefers chelsea boots over sneakers. He now has access to designer brands and regularly joins the F-Series at Burberry.

Hair-wise, he’s out of the awkward spotty phase, so he’s stopped hiding his forehead behind the sweep and pushing his hair back out of his face with more than a little volume for a good shot. Occasionally he adds a bandana or headband to the mix and channels Bruce Springsteen. He annoys that too. He’s also comfortable with Kendall Jenner now, so whatever he did, it definitely worked.

The Harry Styles Rocker locks

4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles styles harry

It was only a matter of time before he dropped the teenager’s classic pin-up hair for a look that silently screamed “Take me seriously.” In terms of apparel, he’s now a James Bay indie clone, wearing a fedora and hugging the skanky hipster look-on-off squeeze, with Kendall Jenner still in it. This also applies to the designers, as he often wears Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Long hair is relatively low maintenance compared to short hair, and Harry is lucky to have hair that is easy to straighten. It is also very versatile. He often wears a half ponytail, a man’s breast and even a braided look to keep his hair out of his face – or slit her aboard a super yacht, etc.

The Harry Styles short backs and sides

4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles styles harry

In May 2016, Harry instigated the fans with an Instagram post, exposing his chopped braid in his hand and the subtitle “whoops” – and turned the internet into a frenzy. What mysterious hair movement was he planning next? A skinhead? An Iroquois? Tram lines? Nothing really exciting …

He had cut it to play the role of Soldier Alex in Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic Dunkirk . This required a regulatory cut: the 1940s short back and sides. However, they held it a little longer than the army standards for the film, and so he did not completely lose his hallmarks to the story.

From the short back and short sides, he went back to his roots with a classic Bouffant Quiff (closer to the sides than before) for his first world tour, where a Mick Jagger met glam-vibe in colorfully embellished suits and frilly shirts by People like Gucci and Charles Jeffrey.

4 easy ways to get hair like Harry Styles styles harry

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